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KBH and ROAR built a recovery trail due to the support of the Betterment Fund.

During the summer of 2022, KBH began building a Recovery Trail for anyone to enjoy. The trail was made possible by the Betterment Fund who donated funds to allow us to construct the trail. The trail is located behind the Skowhegan Clinic and was constructed by those in recovery, affected others, and recovery allies through ROAR (Recovery & Opioid Addiction Resources).

The perimeter trail meanders along the tree line of KBH’s property. In addition, it has “spoke” trails that join to the center. The goal of the trail is to provide a peaceful place for the community to reflect on their journey through recovery whether they themselves are on a recovery journey or are an affected other.

Marty the Mower was later purchased for regular maintenance. The agency continues to look for additional funding for maintenance costs. Donations to support the Recovery Trail can me made by check or by visiting Learn more about ROAR at or on Facebook (@KBHROAR).

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