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The Pet Palooza

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Are you ready for KBH’s Pet Palooza this May? What is the Pet Palooza, you may ask?

The Pet Palooza is a month-long virtual competition where KBH staff and community members enter their pets to compete for votes. Profile pages of each pet will be created with images and information about the pet contestant.

Each week, the competition will highlight a different reality tv show parody: Real Housepets of Central Maine, Big Critter, Purrvivor and the Petchelor. Starting May 1, 2022, anyone can cast votes for their favorite pet by making a $1 donation or more. $1 equals one vote.

At the end of each week, a leadership board will reveal the top pets of the week. Week one will show the top 20, week two: top 10, week three: top 5 and week four: top 3. These pets will have more information revealed about them.

The top pet of the week will receive a $25 Petco gift card. Finally, on May 31st, all the votes will be tallied. The pet with the most votes will receive a $100+ prize.

KBH is also partnering with local humane societies to showcase their adoptable animals. Pets available at local shelters can be entered. Donations made to those pets will be split 50/50 between KBH and the humane society. Otherwise, all proceeds will support KBH’s Substance Use Prevention Program.

So, how can you participate? Starting April 1, enter your pet into the contest by visiting the event page ( and fill out an application and email back to us with pictures of your pet by April 22. Then on May 1, encourage others to vote for your pet. Don’t have a pet? Well choose your favorite one and vote for it!

We hope you join us!

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