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Representative Payee

KBH has been approved by the Social Security Administration to become a fee for service agency, providing representative payee services to clients in need of financial management.

Responsibilities of Representative Payee

  • Determined by you, your community provider and the Rep. Payee, we will ensure that “all current and foreseeable” needs are met; primarily food, shelter, clothing and medical expenses that are not covered by Medicaid or Medicare.
  • Once your basic needs are met, your remaining needs (personal, household and spending) will be discussed during monthly budgeting with your community provider.
  • We will be encouraging you to develop a savings to use in times of need.
  • We will also support you in taking appropriate steps, if you have interest, to becoming your own payee in the future.
  • We will report any changes and events to social security that could affect your benefits, keep records of all payments received and how funds are spent, and maintain accurate accounting records for the use of funds.


*KBH, as appointed Trustee, will approve, and if necessary, make final adjustments to monthly budgets, to ensure all financial decisions are in the best interest of the client.


Your Community Provider

  • It is required to have a community provider to support you with completing your monthly budget that is developed by your Rep. Payee Coordinator.
  • Your community provider can be a case manager, daily support worker, house manager, community care coordinator or another provider.
  • The provider must have your best interest in mind and be able to help you with problem solving and support.
  • The provider will collaborate with Rep. Payee Coordinator to ensure your needs are being met appropriately.
  • The provider will meet with you at least once monthly to review your check register and review your financial needs, concerns or changes needed. 


Fee for Service
KBH charges a Payee Service Fee. The rates vary but cannot exceed $48 per month (as of 2022) and will not exceed ten percent of monthly income.

Our fee includes:

  • All postage, checks and envelopes
  • Stop payment fees
  • Administrative duties and responsibilities, including annual reports



“I won’t have any say or access to my money.”
False: You develop the budget, with support, to make your monthly finances work for you and problem solve ways you can pay bills and still have money for daily needs.


“Someone can steal my money.”
False: You will be provided with a breakdown each month of every dollar spent and upon request.


Where can I Learn More?
KBH follows the guidelines from the Social Security Administration using the Guide for Organizational Representative Payees.

For more information about this service at KBH, please contact KBH Payee Services by calling (207) 873-2136 ext. 1002 or emailing

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