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Opioid Health Home

Skowhegan, ME

Intense, high-level Integrated Medication Assisted Treatment for people with active Opioid Use Disorder. Services include:
– screening/assessment
– medication management
– treatment
– office visits and recovery support for people with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). 

Integrated Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) utilizes a multi-disciplinary team which includes a clinical team lead, nurse care manager, substance use disorder counselor, recovery coaches, and a MAT prescriber.

Key elements of OHH are connecting clients to community resources, social service and self-management supports, incorporating whole person wellness, long-term recovery support and building resiliency.  People who are eligible for OHH services are those who are covered by MaineCare, and also are diagnosed with Substance Use Disorder, Opioid AND a second chronic condition OR be at risk for a second chronic condition. 

There are four levels of OHH service, from Intensive Outpatient Services which require the individual be seen three days/week for a total of nine hours/week, to a Maintenance level of service which requires a one hour visit each month. All levels of services include one Prescriber visit per month and one other service per month, such as Recovery Coaching or Care Coordination. Our ROAR team is another opportunity for individuals with OUD and affected others to have an impact in a broader manner, advocating for program and policy development, increased education and awareness about OUD, reducing stigma and promoting health and wellness.

KBH’s Opioid Health Home providers are very focused on long-term support and building resilience within the individual, family, and community. Part of the individual’s treatment plan includes, relapse prevention, long-term recovery supports including Recovery Coaches, 12 Step programs, and community resources to improve one’s social and physical health and wellbeing.

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