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Community Rehabilitation

Adult Rehabilitation

Community Rehabilitation is a Section 17 Service that meets the needs of adults and families who experience severe and persistent mental illness, trauma, emotional and behavioral problems. Consumers are provided with support and assistance in the community. We offer non-traditional outreach as well as unique, specialized group services.

Service includes case management, medication assistance and daily living supports. Daily Living Supports assist with daily living activities, meal planning, cooking, shopping, laundry and housekeeping. Staff are available daily and also provide after-hours phone support. Staff create detailed treatment planning and discharge planning. Consultation is also included with a program nurse.


  • independent community living
  • reduce numbers of crisis visits, ER visits and hospitalizations
  • improve medication compliance
  • improve physical health
  • coordination of services
  • support in transitioning from PNMI level of care
  • preparation for future lower level of support
  • staffing available seven days a week for direct care.
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