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BHH/ Case Management

Behavioral Health Home

Behavioral Health Home Service (BHH) is a service for youth and adults experiencing a combination of mental health challenges as well as significant physical health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease and lung disease, and chronic conditions.

What is the goal of BHH?

  • Help people served live longer;
  • avoid Emergency Room or hospital visits;
  • foster a sense of self-sufficiency, dignity and respect;
  • and provide integrated care and a continuum of mental health, substance use disorder and primary care services as needed.

Case Management

Adult Case Management helps connect adults in need of support with resources to improve their mental and physical health. Case Managers assess the needs of clients and research health, housing, education and other options for clients. Case Managers will also help connect adults with such resources and make referrals to other services.

Children’s Case Management enables parents to become informed about resources and to be able to effectively advocate for their child.  For children who need mental health treatment, KBH case management specialists can assist the parent or caregiver, teach the family to maximize the benefits of the treatment and provide continuous assessment for service planning.

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