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Pet Palooza


"Life of the Party"

Animal type: Lab/Boxer mix
Age: 9.5 years
Bio: Titan is an energetic fun-loving guy. He enjoys being around his humans, and hates being left alone when they have to go to work. His favorite activities include getting puppy-chinos, car rides with the windows down, and chasing tennis balls. When he isn’t on the go you can find him snuggled up on the couch making pillow forts with the couch pillows, or on his dog bed snuggling all his stuffys. When Titan gets mad he steals various items around the house and drags them to his dog bed. He has a hard time with personal space, and thinks he is a 100-pound lap dog. If you’ve never met Titan you will think he is a big bully as his bark is very intimidating, but once he sniffs you he’ll reward you with big wet kisses.

What is your ideal day? Getting a puppy-chino at Starbucks. Taking a truck ride to the lake. Fetching tennis balls off the dock. Eating hotdogs for dinner.

What is your hidden talent? Can jump 6 feet high! Blends into the night.

What makes your pet different than the other contestants? He isn’t fixed.

What is your pet’s biggest pet peeve? When people touch his feet. When you leave the house without taking him with you.

Weekly Updates

Week 4

What is your  ideal partner like? A female Golden Retriever age 21-35 who goes to the groomers regularly!

What will you  do if you win? Buy more tennis balls and treats. Go out for puppy chinos with mom. Donate to the humane society.

Week 3

What survivor skills does you have (if any)? He can fight off wild animals.

How long would you last in the wild before returning home? He wouldn’t leave our side. He is a home-doggie!

Week 2

What would you do if you were stuck in the house with strange pets all day? Chase all the cats. Ripe all the dirty dishes out of the sink and lick them clean. Make pillow forts out of the couch cushions.

Which type of animal would you evict/ vote out? Cats.

Week 1

What luxury item does your pet want? A king size bed with endless pillows. A swimming pool full of tennis balls.

Is your pet the type to cry, scream, throw his/her water bowl at another contestant or standby and watch gleefully? Cry & scream!

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