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"The Cuddles will flow!"

Animal type: Possibly a Maine coon mix
Age: 1.5 years
Bio: Adopted from PALS in Winthrop with her new sister as kittens, this once-shy ball of fluff discovered a love for the greater things in life: namely, cuddles and teeth. Any moment that she can crawl on your chest and in your arms is a great moment, made better only if she can touch your teeth with her outstretched paw.

What is your ideal day? A day spent cuddling in front of the computer with her paw on your teeth. She’s obsessed with teeth, I don’t understand.

What is your pet’s biggest pet peeve? When the older non-cuddly cat tries to get between her and her human and disrupt cuddle time.

Weekly Updates

Week 4

What will you  do if you win? She’ll lord the win over her non-competitive sister and try to convince the bird outside the window to come look at her trophy in a completely neutral totally safe environment.

Week 3

How long would you last in the wild before returning home? She’d make it an hour outside before she realized the cuddles are back in the house and returned.

Week 2

What would you do if you were stuck in the house with strange pets all day? She’s not okay with dogs and would stay on top of her cat tower in fear and refuse to come down. For smaller animals, especially other cats, she would try to throw her weight around and force them to become her friend.

Week 1

What luxury item does your pet want? Only the finest of Squeeze tube cat treats and a cat tower that lets her watch over the back yard.

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