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"Adventure Poodle"

Animal type: Standard Poodle
Age: 8 years
Bio: Finn came home with us at 8 weeks old and our lives have not been the same since! He has been everywhere with us, traveling and living in some of the most amazing places in the United States including above the Arctic Circle in Alaska for 5 years. Finn is the perfect companion: patient, intelligent, loving, adventurous and, ultimately, just wants to be with his people.

What is your ideal day? Finn can roll with anything but loves to hang out with his mom at work and spend his day making everyone around him feel at ease. When he is not working, Finn loves sea kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking and spending time with his new puppy, sister, Lilah.

What is your hidden talent? We have recently discovered that Finn is an amazing big brother and teacher! He has shown his new, puppy sister how to ride in the car like he does: sitting in one spot on the back seat and never distracting the driver! Finn should clearly be running some sort of Puppy Training Academy!

What makes you different from other contestants? Finn has spent his 8 years of life exploring and traveling to places most people won’t get to see! He has walked across glaciers, flown in tiny planes, munched on fresh blueberries on the tundra, watched a herd of caribou run across the frozen Arctic Ocean, stood underneath the Iditarod Dog Sled completion sign in Nome, visited many National Parks, saw Mt. Rushmore and Devil’s Tower, completed two cross-country (Maine-Alaska/ Alaska-Maine) road trips, scared off numerous moose, bear and other wildlife and enjoyed fresh beluga sushi on the shored of northern Alaska.  Finn has had too many adventures to name and man, many more to come!

What is your biggest pet peeve? Finn does not like the UPS truck! He absolutely wants to chase, eat, and destroy any brown delivery trucks that come down our street! Bad UPS! Bad!

Weekly Updates

Week 4

What is your  ideal partner like? For Finn… the ultimate “partner” has to be soft, lightweight (for easy maneuvering) and washable. In the absence of male doggie parts, Finn’s favorite “partner” is his gray, chunky fleece, fluffy blanket. Every once in a while, he gets a hankering to partake in the “forbidden activities” with the fluffy blanket until mommy or daddy remove the temptation for eye sight.

What will you  do if you win? Celebrate with frozen, peanut butter doggie treats!

Week 3

What survivor skills does you have (if any)? Finn looks like a fluffy, sweet, would-never-harm-a-fly poodle. But secretly he harbors a fierce, lion-like attack mode that is only revealed in serious, life-threatening circumstances. He would be able to attack and kill any threat that came our way.

How long would you last in the wild before returning home? Finn has an unyielding loyalty for his people. He would never wander off and would never leave his people. If for some reason he was lost in the woods, he would never give up until he found his way back home.

Finn 6

Week 2

What would you do if you were stuck in the house with strange pets all day? Finn would sit back and study the other animals for awhile figuring out what makes each one of them tick. He would then start organizing activities for the pets but first: he would teach them the rules! There must be rules, structure and purpose!

Which type of animal would you evict/ vote out? Newfoundland’s! Definitely Newfoundland’s!

Week 1

What luxury item do you want? Finn would love to have a new, Orvis backseat car hammock to keep mom’s back seat clean and doggies safe. The rumor mill says daddy may have ordered this!

Are you the type to cry, scream, throw your water bowl at another contestant or standby and watch gleefully? Finn is a Standard Poodle: he will quietly and brilliantly create an elaborate plan for his success, but has a heart of gold so no other pups will be injured in its creation.

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