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"There is nothing wrong with a little nudity, don’t be such a prude!"

Animal type: Solid Blue Sphynx
Age: 8 months
Bio: Beatrice is a solid blue Sphynx with lots of personality. She loves to climb in the bathtub with you and play all around the house. She is also an expert hide and seeker and loves to find lots of nooks and crannies to hide in.

What is your ideal day? Lounging in the sun, laying in my heat pod, snuggling with my family, and running all around.

What is your hidden talent? Expert at parkour. I can hop all around on any surface!

What makes your pet different than the other contestants? She is a nudist and such a snuggle bug. I promise she doesn’t feel gross!

What is your pet’s biggest pet peeve? When my mom puts clothes on me.

Weekly Updates

Week 4

What is your  ideal partner like? Someone who is high maintenance and as clean as I am. I get frequent baths and enjoy the finer things in life.

What will you  do if you win? Scream for victory, seriously all of KBH’s clinics will here us.

Week 3

What survivor skills does you have (if any)? She would be able to catch and track down food. She could also play a very good mental game with the other contestants. 

How long would you last in the wild before returning home? If she had a sweater on she could do it. She is the toughest, sleekest around.

Week 2

What would you do if you were stuck in the house with strange pets all day? Lots of hissing and cat fights. She is not one to share unless it is time for naps. 

Which type of animal would you evict/ vote out? Any of them that would try to steal her spotlight. She has to be the center of attention.

Week 1

What luxury item does your pet want? A cat wheel, so I can be the talk of the town.

Is your pet the type to cry, scream, throw his/her water bowl at another contestant or standby and watch gleefully? She would throw her water bowl and is always in the middle of the drama!

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