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Bailey Bean Chaput

"First i'm sour, then i'm sweet"

Animal type: Pitbull/beagle mix
Age: 18 months
Bio: Bailey was rescued on May 14th 2021, when her family could no longer care for her needs anymore. Bailey was 7 months old at the time and loved to chew on anything she could get her paws on. Her favorite time of the day is when Mom comes home from work and she gets to go on a ride to the local dog park. Though she likes other dogs at the park, she prefers playing fetch with mom or anyone who is willing to throw anything.

What is your ideal day? Baileys ideal day would be to wake up, eat breakfast, sleep a little on mommy's lap on the couch, go for a walk, take a long trip to the dog park (maybe 2 trips), spend the day outside with mom and then settle in to bed at night. As long as I am touching my mom at night, I can sleep soundly.

What is your hidden talent? My tongue is long enough to reach things that would normally be out of reach for me. An example; Mom's food plates, food on the counters, anything that mom tries to keep out of reach of me.

What makes your pet different than the other contestants? Bailey is different than other contestants because she has the puppy dog face. Whenever she enters an area people think that she is still a little puppy but in reality, she will be 2 years old in October.

What is your pet’s biggest pet peeve? Bailey's biggest pet peeve is when her best friend Goose comes over to play and he plays with her toys.

Weekly Updates

Week 4

What is your  ideal partner like? Bailey's ideal partner is a smaller dog similar to a rat terrier. She enjoys dogs that can ride on top of her.

What will you  do if you win? If my pet wins I will be taking her on a shopping spree to Petco with the understanding that she will not be allowed to bring home any of her own live pets.

Week 3

What survivor skills does you have (if any)? Bailey is able to reach and use her tongue to grab food and other objects in high places. 

How long would you last in the wild before returning home? Bailey is used to her luxury life now that she would want to come home pretty fast if she was out in the wild.

Week 2

What would you do if you were stuck in the house with strange pets all day? If Bailey was stuck in the house with strange pets all day she would probably be doing a lot of guarding of her toys. 

Which type of animal would you evict/ vote out? Bailey does not like cats.

Week 1

What luxury item does your pet want? Bailey would love to have a bed outside for when her mom is in the pool.

Is your pet the type to cry, scream, throw his/her water bowl at another contestant or standby and watch gleefully? Bailey would be the type to watch gleefully because at the dog park when there is a fight going on, she is always too busy playing with her ball to care.

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