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June 4-10
Voting Begins

June 11-17
The Meme Challenge

June 19

The Pet palooza

Enter your pet for the Pet Palooza before May 26!

The Pet Palooza is a two-week long online competition starting June 4 (June 4- June 19, 2023) in which KBH staff, community members and local humane societies can enter their pets to compete for votes. 

So how can your pet win? Winning is based on voting. There will be five total prizes. The prizes include visa gift cards and gift cards to local pet stores. The five winners include:
– Pet with most votes during week 1 (general voting)
– Pet with most votes during week 2 (Meme challenge)
– Pet with most cumulative votes on June 19th
– Dog randomly drawn from all dog participants
– Non-dog pet randomly drawn from all non-dog participants

How do you get votes? Anyone can vote for your pet with the online voting form. Votes are by donation. $1 = 1 vote; $10 = 10 votes, etc. Encourage your friends, family, coworkers and followers on social media to vote by donation! Votes can also be split among different pets. 

A marketing toolkit will be available in late May. The toolkit will include premade images and customizable templates that you can use on social media or by email to highlight a pet and encourage others to vote.

*Donations made to pets available for adoption will be split 50/50 with the shelter/humane society that currently is adopting out the animal. Donations to all other pets will support KBH’s Substance Use Prevention & Intervention program.

Questions? Email us at!

June 4- 10, 2023: Pet Palooza Begins
The contest and voting begins! Profile and voting pages will go live for all pets who entered the contest. General questions and photo will be available for viewing. 

Week 1 has no specific challenge but to showcase the cuteness! Anyone can now use the marketing toolkit to highlight their favorite pet(s) and encourage others to vote. The pet with the most votes at the end of the week will receive a prize. The leadership board will reveal which pets are in the lead and vote counts will be updated daily. 

Updates can be found on the event page and KBH’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

June 11-17, 2023: The Meme Challenge
Do memes make your day? Well, get ready for some fantastic pet memes. Week 2’s theme is the Meme Challenge. When filling out the application, participants can include a tagline or text for the meme. We will then create a meme with the pet photo and text and launch it during this week.

People can vote for their favorite memes and the  meme with the most votes will receive that week’s prize. 

Examples of memes:

June 19, 2023: Winner is Revealed
The votes will be tallied and the final prizes will be awarded to:
– the pet with the most overall votes/donations
– randomly drawn non-dog
– randomly drawn dog

The winner will be announced on our website and social media platforms. 

Enter Your Pet

Enter your pet by filling out the application below (word or fillable PDF) and emailing it and your pet’s images to by May 26th. A profile page for your pet will then be created.

2022 Winning Pet
Lucy- 367 votes

2022 Sponsors & Partners

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