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The Pet palooza

Welcome to the Pet Palooza where only the most adorable pets have the chance to win the prize of a lifetime! $100 in gift cards and bragging rights!

What is the Pet Palooza, you may ask? The Pet Palooza is a month-long virtual competition where KBH staff, community members and local humane societies entered their pets to compete for votes. Profile pages of each pet were created with images and information about the pet contestant.

During the month of May, information about the contestants will be released as they battle through four different reality tv shows. At the end of each week, a leadership board will reveal the top pets of the week. These pets will have more information revealed about them. The top pet each week will win a $25 Petco gift card.

So who decides the winner? YOU! Vote for your favorite contestant(s) throughout May by making a donation. $1= 1 vote. The pet with the most votes on May 31 will win and receive a prize worth $100+!

*Donations made to pets available for adoption will be split 50/50 with the shelter/ humane society that currently is adopting out the animal. Donations to KBH will support Substance Use Prevention & Intervention.

Questions about the event? Check out our FAQ!

*Weekly updates and top pets of the week will be posted each Monday by noon!

Leadership Board

Top 3 Pets (Week 4)
Mickey- 360 votes
Lucy- 357 votes
Daisy- 260 votes
Brutus- 234 votes
Most Votes this week
Brutus- 30 votes this week
*Harry- 10 votes this week

The Contestants

Pets with names that begin with “*” are available for adoption! Click the “adopt” button below to view these pets!

*Harry-56 votes
BunBun-6 votes
Willow-10 votes
Jax-15 votes
Lucy-357 votes
Millie-7 votes
Mickey-360 votes

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