Wednesday Wellness: Nutrition Month

Every Wednesday, KBH will share some quick tips on health and wellness. You can read these tips on our website, twitter or stay tuned for the tips on 92 Moose and B98.5 every Wednesday!


Having a nutritious diet is important to both physical and mental health but sometimes, it is difficult to know what is nutritious. Here are a few tips to help you and your loved ones eat right:


Don’t drink sugar calories. Sugary drinks like soda and many fruit juices can be very fattening and provide no nutritional value.


Make sure to eat enough protein. Protein can prevent cravings. Try eating skinless chicken, beans and non or low-fat dairy like yogurt or cottage cheese.


Finally, know your fats. Saturated and Trans fats found in butter, meat fat and processed snacks are not healthy. However, unsaturated fats found in fish, nuts, olive oil and avocados are healthy. Check food labels to see what levels of fats are included.


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