March is Gambling Awareness Month

2.6% of Americans have a gambling problem.


Types of Gambling:

  • Casino-style games (machines & card games)
  • Gambling with dice games
  • Electronic games (mobile apps and websites)
  • Betting on sporting events
  • Lottery tickets, games of skill & more...


Signs of a Problem:

  • Unable to cut back from gambling
  • Restless when attempting to stop
  • Risks more money to reach desired level of excitement
  • "Chases" losses
  • Lies to family/ friends about gambling
  • Risks job/ relationships
  • Relies on others for financial needs


Americans lose $119 billion through gambling (more than any other country in the world).


What to do if you or a loved one has a gambling problem?

  • Talk with your doctor
  • Get a referral to a mental health specialist
  • Connect with others or join a support group


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