Wednesday Wellness: Low Cost Physical Activity

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Are you looking for ways to stay in shape without breaking the bank?  A gym membership can be a costly expense and many people are choosing to get creative with some no cost workouts!  All you need is yourself and a couple of household items to get your sweat on for free!


Take a walk!  Walking is an inexpensive way to tone your legs, improve circulation and fill your lungs with fresh air.


Do you have some canned goods?  Use them as hand weights for bicep curls or shoulder presses.  Adding resistance can help strengthen your upper body.  Use the space in your living room to perform body weight exercises like push-ups, squats or lunges.  Remember to always consult your healthcare professional before trying new workouts.


Thanks for checking in with our Wednesday Wellness. Don't forget to listen for our tips on 92Moose and B98.5 every Wednesday!



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