KBH's Rob Rogers Helps Lead Somerset Domestic Violence Task Force

The Somerset DV (Domestic Violence) Task Force has been meeting for approximately 18 years.  During that time representatives from every law enforcement agency in Somerset County including State Police along with social service agencies, Probation & Parole, Child Protective Services, and medical providers to discuss issues related to domestic and sexual assault.  According to Rob Rogers, KBH"s Coordinator for Substance Abuse and Prevention & Intervention Services, an audit was conducted years ago to assess law enforcements response to dv cases.  Rob states, "currently we have been working on streamlining a formalized process for collecting information on DV calls".  Most recently, Somerset Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s office proposed the use of the ankle monitoring system to assist in keeping victims of very serious, high-risk cases safer.  In collaboration with the groups High Risk Response Team we hope to victims safe and avoid other tragedies similar to the Lake case. WABI News recently aired a story about the Somerset Domestic Violence Task Force which can be accessed here


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