Survey: KBH clients pleased with services

Kennebec Behavioral Health continues to maintain very high client-satisfaction ratings, with 99.8 percent of our patients saying they are pleased with the quality of care they receive from KBH providers.

The client-satisfaction report - the result of 754 client surveys returned to KBH in June 2013 - also found that:

  • 99 percent of our clients said that our services helped them.
  • 99 percent would recommend KBH services to others.
  • 99 percent were satisfied with their ability to obtain appointments.
  • 99 percent said they could reach their counselor or their child's counselor by phone during office hours.
  • 99 percent said they received adequate information about how their services were paid.

Clients also said they were treated with dignity and respect, were encouraged to work toward recovery goals, felt safe expressing their opinions and were better able to deal with crisis as a result of KBH supports.


To arrange for an appointment at any of our clinics or for at-home services, please call 1-888-322-2136.
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