Agency announces FY14 board members

Kennebec Behavioral Health and its affiliates are very grateful to have board members who are committed to the agency's mission.The following individuals comprise our boards, with the most newly elected members (FY14) in boldface:

KMHA Parent Board Members

Carol A. Welch (Waterville), board president and secretary
Carol Axtell (Oakland)
Ronald A. Ducharme Esq. (Winslow)
Leon A. Duff (Vassalboro)
Lisa Landry Esq. (Norridgewock)
Frederic J. Olsen (Albion)
Rosalie C. Williams (Pittsfield)

KMHA Foundation Board Members

Rev. Dr. Alice Anderman (Waterville)
Marilyn E. Canavan (Waterville)
Sandra Delano (Pittsfield)
Marjorie Downing (Etna)

Samuel N. Goddard (China Village)

KBH Programs & Services Board Members

William I. Branch (Vassalboro)
Sen. Patrick. S.A. Flood (Winthrop)
Patsy Garside Crockett (Augusta)
Alan Dorval (Vassalboro)
Samuel N. Goddard (China Village)
William S. Johnson (Pittsfield)
Alison Jones Webb (Portland)

KMHA Real Estate Board Members

James E. Coffin (Farmingdale)
Bruce S. Harrington (Fairfield)
Tony Loiko (Manchester)
Walter "Winn" Price (Newport)
Robert J. Ringer Esq. (Waterville)

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