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A Murder Mystery Social Media Game

Play the game for the chance to win a prize! Larinda the Lynx has been murdered and a private detective has been hired to find the culprit. The PI will release clues and evidence and it’s up to you to guess the murderer. Some clues will be released on Facebook, others on Instagram. However, the PI has decided to hold back some clues. If you want the information, you will need to pay for it. 

So how can you win a prize?
Before November 29th (GivingTuesday) you must guess the culprit correctly and do at least one of the following:
1. Follow KBH on Facebook and/or Instagram
2. Join our e-newsletter list
3. Make a donation to KBH online (or pay for a clue below)

Then, you will be entered into a prize giveaway for (3) Visa gift cards. So it’s time to get out the magnifying glass and find the culprit! Follow the game on Facebook and Instagram.


To receive more clues from the PI, you must make a donation first. You can receive up to one clue per suspect per week. Simply make a donation under each suspect you want a clue for, and check your inbox for the clue. If you don’t receive the email, let us know at Clues change each week. Each suspect is also associated with a KBH program. Donations made will be designated depending on the suspect fund (noted under each suspect name).

E. Peacock

Peacock had a fight with Larinda the night of the murder. Could she be the culprit? Donations to Peacock support the Substance Use Prevention Program.


Trixie was a rival influencer who Larinda disliked intensely, could she have motive to want Larinda gone? Donations to Trixie support Children’s Services.

Larry the Lynx

Larry was Larinda’s brother, but not everything is as it seems. What part does Larry have in the murder? Donations to Larry support Homeless Outreach.

A. Plum

A makeup artist and seeminly innocent person, Plum is hiding something. Could it be a crime? Donations to Plum support the Clubhouse Program.

L. Scarlett

Scarlett adopted Larinda and Larry years ago, but when money’s involved, even family can turn on one another. Donations to Scarlett support the College Scholarship Fund.

M. Mustard

Mustard owns a pet shop and loves animals, or does he? With no alibi and secrets being exposed, what is he capable of? Donations to Mustard will be unrestricted gifts.

Submit Culprit Guess

Submit your guess by 11/29 by messaging or commenting on Facebook or on Instagram or by sending us an email with your guess. Email and include subject “Murder Mystery Guess.”

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