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Two-factor authenticationKBH recently implemented Multi-Factor Authentication on ALL agency computers. Anybody who has opened an account online has probably ventured into this new security practice. Multi-Factor or Two-Factor authentication is fast becoming the standard for accessing any type of confidential information.

So, what is it?

With multi-factor authentication, you basically are required to present two types of ID in order to successfully log onto a computer. Typically, one of those ID’s is in the form of a username/password combination. A second form of ID is then required… and at KBH, we chose the Yubi-Key Security key as that option. All staff requiring access to any electronic resource at KBH was issued a Yubi-key which was configured specifically for them. Once received, they went through a setup process which bound their key to our system and their logon account. All logons past that point would require both forms of ID to access the system.

In today’s world with cybercrime totaling nearly seven billion dollars annually, it’s important to take extra precaution. KBH took those steps and now has a more secure internal network.

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