Children's Case Management

Children’s Case Management

Case management enables parents to become informed about resources and to be able to effectively advocate for their child.  For children who need mental health treatment, KBH case management specialists can assist the parent or caregiver, teach the family to maximize the benefits of the treatment and provide continuous assessment for service planning. KBH exits the case management process when parents feel comfortable about going forward on their own.

The continuum of services can integrate with other services to support children and their families such as the School-Based program, Medication ClinicOutpatient Services or Family Behavioral Health and intensive home-based treatment.

Referrals can come from within KBH as well as from outside agencies and parents themselves.  Children who carry diagnoses of mental health, mental retardation or autism spectrum disorders and have MaineCare are eligible for the service.

For more information about KBH's Children's Case Management Program, contact the Access Center at 1-888-322-2136.