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Our Work Culture

Promoting a positive work environment is a vital part of our mission. With contests, staff events and outings, we encourage staff to stay connected and engaged.

Staff Appreciation

Themed Spring Flings, summer BBQs and Kudos cards! How do we have fun while recognizing staff for their incredible work?

Our staff do incredible work everyday in our communities. Without the perseverance, integrity and creativity of our employees, KBH would be unable to serve its mission.

Throughout the year, KBH hosts events, awards service and recognizes good deeds as part of our staff appreciation efforts. Celebrating our staff is encouraged and a regular part of the year whether it is through an event or on our staff portal page.

Take a look at some of the ways we try to keep staff connected, engaged and acknowledged.

Each summer, the Senior Management Team (SMT) host a staff BBQ during the lunch hour. Our CEO, Tom McAdam, mans the grill while other managers serve food to staff. A BBQ is held at each clinic location. 

A few years ago, we began using Kudos cards as part of our staff recognition plan. Staff can fill out a kudos card for another staff member to recognize good deeds, congratulate on goals and highlight milestones. Each month, the kudos cards are added to a staff e-newsletter and a winner is randomly selected for a prize. We regularly get dozens of kudos cards and staff can hang them up in their offices.

We have staff who have been with KBH for over 30 years and we enjoy celebrating each anniversary milestone. For every five years of working at KBH, a staff member receives a Service Award which recognizes their time as well as a cash gift. The longer staff have worked at KBH, the larger the gift. These staff are also recognized on our staff portal page, the kudos e-blast and are celebrated at the annual Spring Fling.

Staff Contests

The holidays can be stressful, so to add some levity to our workspace we introduced the Holiday Door Decorating Contest. Staff could decorate their doors and enter the competition to win cash prizes. Throughout the years, we have had incredible doors with creative themes put together by individual staff and groups. 

At KBH, we have over 20 locations with our clinics, clubhouses and housing buildings. To help staff feel connected, even if they were in a different location, we introduced the “Where in the World is Larry the Lynx” challenged. Each month, an image of Larry, the KBH mascot, was taken at a different location and staff had to guess where he was located. If they got it right, they won a prize!

KBH staff have participated in other challenges including a photo scavenger hunt. Staff were given a list of 15 places in Maine to take a photo. If they were able to take a photo at 10 of those places by a deadline, they were entered to win a cash prize.

Another competition that staff have loved has been the Penny Wars. A program at KBH would be chosen to benefit from funds raised by a penny wars challenge. Staff were randomly entered into one of four teams and had to compete to raise the most money.  One year, we raised over $650!

Staff Outings

We love getting together with other staff and going for an adventure. Sometimes we create a team for a local 5K, go to a Sea Dogs game or rent out an ice skating rink!

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