Behavioral Health Home Service

Behavioral Health Home Service (BHH) is a service for youth and adults experiencing a combination of mental health challenges as well as significant physical health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease and lung disease, and chronic conditions.

What is the goal of BHH?

  • Help people served live longer;
  • avoid Emergency Room or hospital visits;
  • foster a sense of self-sufficiency, dignity and respect;
  • and provide integrated care and a continuum of mental health, substance use disorder and primary care services as needed.


How is BHH different from Case Management Services?

  • The service focuses on your whole wellness. It will help you reach your mental and physical health goals.
  • You will be part of a team approach. You will be working with your case manager who will also work with a nurse, clinical team leader and a peer support specialist.
  • Your team and your primary care provider will work together to help improve your health as part of this integrated service.
  • BHH includes a consumer and family supports and education to provide you with information and support when you need it.


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