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2023 Pet Palooza

Enter your pet today for the online contest supporting SUPI and local animal shelters.

 Kennebec Behavioral Health is once again hosting the online contest, the Pet Palooza from June 4-19, 2023. The Pet Palooza is a two-week long competition in which KBH staff, community members and local animal shelters enter their pets to compete for votes be donation.

This year’s event includes a specific theme for week two-memes. To enter, participants fill out a short application and submit one to two photos of their pet. On the application is a section to include text that will be used in combination with the photos to make a meme. During week two, all of the memes will be revealed.  

So how can a pet win? Winning is based on voting. There will be five total prizes. The five winners include:
– Pet with most votes during week 1 (general voting)
– Pet with most votes during week 2 (Meme challenge)
– Pet with most cumulative votes on June 19th
– Dog randomly drawn from all dog participants
– Non-dog pet randomly drawn from all non-dog participants

How does voting work? Anyone can vote for a pet with the online voting form. Votes are by donation. $1 = 1 vote; $10 = 10 votes, etc. Votes can also be split among different pets. 

Donations made to pets available for adoption at local animal shelters will be split 50/50 with the shelter/humane society that currently is adopting out the animal. Donations to all other pets will support KBH’s Substance Use Prevention & Intervention program.

Maine residents can enter their pets until May 26th by filling out the application located at Applications can then be emailed with photos to

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