Wednesday Wellness: Take Time to Relax

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Relaxation is something we need on a daily basis but most of us are too busy and moments of self-care are usually few and far between. Here are a few tips to incorporate relaxation into your everyday life to avoid burning out:


Record how you spend your time. Write down what you do and figure out where you can make room in your schedule.


Take an electronic time out to truly relax. Set aside time without social media, TV or emails to give your brain and eyes a break. Try spending time outdoors, if possible.


Breathe. Take a few minutes every day and take slow deep breaths at your desk or during a tense moment. Look into some meditation exercises or other deep breathing exercises for quick relaxation techniques,


Finally, take a nap when you can. Set aside 20 minutes for a nap. This can have significant health benefits and keep you alert.

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