Wednesday Wellness: Drunk Driving

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Drunk driving is one of the most common causes of traffic-related deaths in the U.S, with nearly one third of vehicle-related deaths due to alcohol. Thankfully there are measures that can help prevent death and injuries due to alcohol-impaired driving. Here are a few of them:


Choose a non-drinking designated driver and protect others by taking their keys if they attempt to drive after drinking, they may be mad but the alternative could be worse. Have designated drivers or any other non-drinking friend take control of car keys until other drivers are sober. 


When throwing a party also offer non-alcoholic beverages and serve plenty of food. If you are driving home after a party, stop drinking a few hours beforehand, only time can help make a person sober. Someone may not feel the effects of alcohol, but any alcohol can impair driving and cause accidents so try to have a plan in place in case you drink too much or decide when you will stop drinking and when you will leave a party.


Talk to your teens about drinking and driving. Make sure they feel comfortable calling you if they need transportation in order to prevent them getting in a car with a drunk driver.


Finally, recognize is someone is impaired by alcohol. If someone seems clumsy or swerves and drifts while driving, have them stop the car. 


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