11 Caldwell Rd

During calendar year 2017, Kennebec Behavioral Health has continued to thrive as an organization during times of uncertainty. KBH has been successful by adapting to policy shifts at both the state and federal level. With each challenge, our philosophy is to make decisions that are true to mission, ensuring the best possible care for our clients while being financially prudent. 


As the agency continues to grow in scope and service two factors are regularly assessed - available physical space within the organization and even more importantly, the overall customer experience. Kennebec Behavioral Health is now the largest non-hospital provider of Medication Management Services in Maine. Our existing space for the majority of services in Augusta, 66 Stone Street can no longer accommodate the number of clients we serve and the associated staff to provide the service.


To better serve clients in the Augusta area, Kennebec Behavioral Health has recently purchased property at 11 Caldwell Rd.  This space, a former Orthopedic Center, will be transformed into a new Center for Recovery and Wellbeing Center and will accommodate KBH’s Augusta Medication Clinic in a highly professional and comfortable environment.


With the opening of the new Center for Recovery and Wellbeing, our goal is to seamlessly transition our current Medication Management clients, about 2,300 people, from one service location to another. The 11 Caldwell Rd. location is directly behind the current location 66 Stone Street, so we expect the transition for clients to be very easy.  Eventually our plan is to connect the two buildings with a skylight or underground walkway so clients that need to access other services at 66 Stone (case management, outpatient services, etc.) have easy access. 

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