Chuckle Sponsor: TCMHS

For the third year in a row, Tri-County Mental Health Services will be sponsoring KBH's A Night Out as a Chuckle Sponsor, one of the highest levels of support.  The agencies generous support will go towards KBHs College Sponsorship Fund. Learn more about the valuable services TCMHS provides and don't forget to purchase your tickets for A Night Out today!

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TCMHS is justifiably proud of its mission and guiding principles. Over the years, these have remained the benchmark by which all decisions have been judged. TCMHS’s approach is now guided by clinical principles of recovery, evidence-based treatment, and an understanding of the impact of trauma and violence on the lives of the people who choose their services. However, important as these developments are, their fit within the mission is crucial.


Tri-County Mental Health Services offers hope to the people of Maine by providing trauma-informed, integrated services that promote whole health and wellness.


Healthy communities inclusive and respectful of all.

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