Contacts & Locations

Call to inquire about comprehensive behavioral health services from the state’s leading provider - Kennebec Behavioral Health. We can help.
The Access Center: 1-888-322-2136 toll free (connects to all locations and programs)
FAX: 1-800-638-3455  *Note KBH does not recommend sending any client information including names over e-mail.  If you have questions about services provided to you or a family member, please call the Access Center at the above number. 
Statewide Crisis Hotline:


Administrative Offices &
Waterville Clinic

67 Eustis Parkway
Waterville, ME 04901 (map)
P: (207) 873-2136
F: 872-4522
High Hopes Clubhouse
26 College Avenue
Waterville, ME 04901 (map)
P: (207) 877-0038
F: 877-0322
Silver Street- Independent & Supported Housing
Waterville, ME
Walnut Street -Residential Housing
Waterville, ME


Winthrop Clinic
736 Old Lewiston Rd.
Winthrop, ME 04364 (map)
P: (207) 377-8122
F: 377-8564


Augusta Clinic
66 Stone Street
Augusta, ME 04330
P: (207) 626-3455
F: 621-1107
Augusta House- Residential Housing
Augusta, ME
Capitol Clubhouse
37 Stone St.
Augusta, ME 04330 (map)
P: (207) 629-9080
F: 629-9081
Valley View- Residential Housing
Augusta, ME


Looking Ahead Clubhouse
646 Main Street
Lewiston, ME 04240
P: (207) 376-1711
F: 786-9630


Skowhegan Clinic
5 Commerce Drive
Skowhegan, ME
04976-4823 (map)

P: (207) 474-8368
F: 474-7794

Wilson Place- Residential Housing
Skowhegan, ME

Bridgewood - Supported Housing
Skowhegan, ME