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Kennebec Behavioral Health’s mission is to promote the well-being of persons who experience mental illness, emotional difficulties or behavioral challenges.

What is Case Management?

 Case managers are the eyes and ears of many clients’ treatment teams.  They are the individuals who are the strongest advocates, help search for necessary resources, and who monitor basic needs for the identified client, including medical, social, residential, educational and vocational.  Care development, coordination of services, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation are all part of the service array. Read more about What is Case Management?

Why Work at KBH?

Kennebec Behavioral Health is a great place to work, say the providers and staff who work here.

Read more about Why Work at KBH?

KBH offering In Home Clinical Services

Kennebec Behavioral Health is pleased to offer In Home Clinical Services to residents of central Maine. This service provides the same Outpatient care as seen in one of our clinics within a client’s home.

In Home Clinical services are designed to deliver outpatient counseling to children and adults who either are unable to make it to an office-based appointment; find that an office-based appointment is not comfortable for them; or who simply prefer the service to be delivered in the home. Read more about KBH offering In Home Clinical Services


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